Reviews for "Sellout"


This game has so many funny moments, and awesome gameplay that kept me smiling all the way through. You've outdone yourself this time, if anyone hates this game, they must be retarded or something!

Most underrated game ever?

I very much think so. Hilarious in so many ways as it perfectly portrays the human hamster wheel of a young individual. BTW: perfect choice of music!

Dad can i have 1 dollar? Yes son. Isnt that much easier?


First off, fun game. Second, I found a glitch or two. On day 25 I raked up ALL of the leaves. On day 26 I chose to deliver papers. In the middle of the screen was my leaf raking dude with his pile of leaves and my paper delivering dude. Both characters responded to control inputs correctly (except for the leaf dude, his rake would move but the leaves would not). Then on the 27th. I decided to cut the grass and the raker thankfully disappeared. I cut the first lawn and stopped at the beginning of the second to see what cost versus wage was like for one lawn. Time ran out and I was stuck with the lawn mower in the grass. I was still able to move and the kids toys kept coming. I started hitting the spacebar and noticed that every few seconds or so that the day would increase. When I got to the 31st. pressing of the spacebar caused my money to increase by 2 cents every few seconds. Hoping that I could still succeed, I continued to press the spacebar but eventually hit $1.05 and decided to write this review. Hopefully you find this helpful and also are willing to fix the game.

too hard goddamit xD