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Reviews for "Gyossait"


i have never played a game like this it left me comeing back for more

Trilby's notes

This made me remember of that game (Trilby's notes)....any inspiration from there? if not..u should give it a try.... (sorry if there any bad english here...)

anyways...good game =)

Glory of Glories

It's one of those weird little art presentations that Newgrounds puts on its front page every so often... only the creator was nice enough to make an actual game while they were at it! I love how the game mechanics subtly tie into the plot, and the story happens during gameplay rather than making the player stand around in a cutscene.

And for the record, I tried to play as much of the game in pacifist mode as I could.

I love it!

I play this game a multiple amount of times just so I can listen to the end theme. Please upload the song!

Really a classic.

It's true tha that the controls could be better but dont hear to those who bitch about it, many games considered as classics had stiff controls. For the rest it's balanced ,challenging ,emotional and interesting. The retro art is great , but It's true I like too see such great word in a more defined media ;) .
Expecting with hope more works like that.