Reviews for "Gyossait"

so haunting...

i feel like there's so much more to this than is let on... makes me wish i knew all of it. extremely thought provoking, and very intensive. reminds me of neon genesis evangelion by quite a bit. love the song at the end/beginning. do wish the controls weren't quite so sluggish, but that is my only complaint. you'll have to pardon me now, as i feel the need to go experience an apocalypse of some kind.

thank you


Been following you since aoofad (and i've got the poem from the end memorized). Surprised to see you doing flash now. The visuals are spot on. This is a masterpiece, mate.

Great game.. to Eirun:

Eirun, the story is meant to be discovered as you go along. As far as the controls go, they are in a couple of the backgrounds.

The flickering text denotes the fading nature of the beings involved.


First up, I haven't reviewed anything on this site for a good year, maybe more. Interpret that how you will.

Everything about this game is great. The atmosphere, music, graphics, gameplay. I even found the simplicity of the controls appealing. You could do an awful lot with just four buttons.

Your approach to delivering the story was a great touch too. You leave it to the player to determine by giving them a stream of powerful images and a vague outline. The imagination is much more powerful than any designer.

It reminded me of a few great horror games from my past: Shadow of the Beast, Chakan, and Super Metroid. Well done. I'm looking forward to your next release.

As dark and disturbing it is, this game is honestly beautiful. The grim visuals and haunting soundtrack make for a chilling atmosphere, and combined with the mysterious (and at times touching) storyline it all made for a great experience that compelled me to persevere up until the very end. I plan on replaying it for the alternate ending as well, since I got the 'bad' ending the first time. (To be honest, I got impatient and watched the alternate ending on YouTube, but I want to earn the Medal and earn the ending for myself.) The only criticism I have is the inability to raise the shield while jumping, as this makes certain segments harder than I think they need to be. This doesn't detract too much from the overall experience, though, it simply tested my patience at times. All in all, a great game. 5/5