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Reviews for "Gyossait"


Everything was amazing, the music, the graphics, the story. This is actually one of the few games on here I really enjoyed. I hope you make more!

A well presented survival horror, Gyossait creates a scary atmosphere while still being an ernest platformer. I daresay you should make a sequel!

Fantastic game. good old school feel but with actually real hints of fear. i'm impressed. DAS

What a fantastic game! I love how this puts emphasis on your moral choices-- whether you use violence or act passively will determine your fate in a very dramatic way. And the story was great as well-- not to mention the music-- and I was genuinely unsettled, angered and tearful in moments. I can't get over how beautiful this was. Well done, sir! I salute you!

First game I have ever played that has actually been worth playing. Thank you for created this short, yet incredible journey. I loved every minute of it.