Reviews for "Gyossait"


this was a great game and the story going back to you makes it even better. I hope doing this helped you.


This game is a masterpiece. Platforming doesn't get any better than this. I can't believe how many idiots there are that would give you a low score just because they are either not intelligent enough to understand the game, or because they suck at the game. The controls work seamlessly, and the experience is just plain fun.


Inventive spook show, it's up there with old Snes games that came from nowhere to impress the hell out of everyone.

awesome game, it has it all
-good graphics(I dig the bit era,don´t complain)
-great story

I got all medals except for the end of us, which, in honor of the game, I will never get
thanks for this work of art

I first played this at midnight in my room alone... shit my pants at least 20 times because I was wearing headphones.