Reviews for "Gyossait"


So eerie, so disturbing, so fucking epic, you sir fucking rock

Very Good

It's beautiful, the atmosphere is great. That's a piece of art, to bad is so short...

Great game.

Beautiful game, Creepy as hell but I went for the path without using the gun except for Uzaza. I liked that ending better than the other one. You did a great job.

Great game

Balanced difficuty, well drawn, the music is great and creates the perfect atmosphere.

At some parts it made me think. For example, when i got the weapon. I was headless and there were written "go hunt them". I ambushed them from behind and killed them right away. Then I questioned me, and it felt wrong. What kind of deity am I? Why am I so weak but I can hurt so bad?

Another part that moved me is when I got sent to "earth".. There, just to fullfill my needs, I killed everyone to progress.

No wonder you put an hard work and spent a lot of time on this. Both the endings really moved me. Thanks for creating and sharing such a beautiful game. There are no flaws that comes to my mind. 5/5, 10/10. Congratulations.

Absolutely love this game. Would love even better to get the soundtrack, especially the credits music.
It's got a very deep meaning to it, and I can tell you put a lot of work into this. I would also love to see possibly a sequel or something else like this. It's eerily perfect.