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Reviews for "Gyossait"

Very interesting game. From the thumbnail I honestly didn't expect much but man! The art style and music are a lovely combination, and another thing that got me more immersed in this game was how the narration went, how the words and phrases were scattered around the map.

Also, I am curious. If you don't mind me asking, what inspired you to create Gyossait, and what does it mean?

Woah this game just gives me the creeps

Not sure what to make of all this but the atmosphere definately drew me into this platform thriller. Weird unknown creatures, nintendo hard controls. Guess that's a good game in my book

how to become an altruist?

it was like a jump into pure madness from the beginning to the end, this game shows that you don't need jumpscares to be scary and the final dialogue was so sweet that makes me feel a lot of emotion and things like that. I was very amused and pleased during every seconds of the gameplay. In short well done!

Great gloomy game!
I killed her in the end but I didn't want to! The awards are nice though I didn't get em all.
The controls are sometimes a bit awkward, but that's okay, it kinda adds to the feeling!
keep it up!