Reviews for "Gyossait"

it was like a jump into pure madness from the beginning to the end, this game shows that you don't need jumpscares to be scary and the final dialogue was so sweet that makes me feel a lot of emotion and things like that. I was very amused and pleased during every seconds of the gameplay. In short well done!

Great gloomy game!
I killed her in the end but I didn't want to! The awards are nice though I didn't get em all.
The controls are sometimes a bit awkward, but that's okay, it kinda adds to the feeling!
keep it up!

This game was cool, creepy and the moral system was lovely. The good ending was beautiful (I never saw the bad ending =3) and I really enjoyed it, receiving it felt like an achievement. The only thing that could make this game better would be having it rendered in full 3D or something but to tell the truth the 16-bit graphics were part of the experience for me!

This game is AWESOME, all mi 5, the game is not perfect, and it havesome little unespected reactios (when you jump to a corner the height of the jump decreases or stuck and you die) but have an awesome storyline, its a little confusing but you can interpretate it by yourself, and its really hard to find a flash game with a strong storyline and beautiful art (horrifiyng beautifull) its a game with an appropiate duration (1 hour or less per ending). Congrats!

i broke it....the key thing you think you can make the key spawn near where you died...cause i died on spikes near the curiouser and curiouser trophy and the key got stuck there lol