Reviews for "Gyossait"

Very nice, atmospheric horror platformer. Much like the other piece of yours I've played, Au Sable, it never feels like something a human mind could come up with. The game feels otherworldly and unnatural, and brings to mind H.P. Lovecraft in a very good way for these reasons. You really know how to do what you do.

I had control issues too.
Just going to say that I KNEW there was going to be an achieve for doing it without the gun.

The attempted graphics and atmosphere are okay, but the floaty controls are terrible making the jumps difficult to compensate (in a hard to control not challenging jumps way), added to this the jump itself is either ridiculously short or very high depending on if you press the button of hold it down very briefly, making any jumps between these virtually impossible. Added to this the jump gets interrupted by the scenery, needing the player to have to jump vertically upwards without touching any of the walls to be able to make the height of many of these jumps. As if touching them the jump is inexplicably shorter. All these issues make the jumping irritating and considering it is a platformer this is a major flaw in trying to play this game.

Bug wise, when holding up a shield some of the projectiles go straight through the shield and kill you, this is especially apparent when standing near the enemy. Also when collecting one of the keys in an area which was covered in spikes had writing to the right, attempting to read this (as mentioned earlier the jump caused an issue where it hit the ceiling trying to do a smaller jump) I died on the spikes and the key respawned inside the spikes which killed me even when trying to walk into them from the side to reach the key (which isn't how vertical spikes work btw), making it impossible to collect this key and thus making the game unwinnable from that point. If leaving the key on the body it should not leave it in an area you cannot get back from.

Overall a decent idea (even if the whole scary / unsettling atmosphere didn't really work) but in the end it was executed poorly having too many issues to make it worth playing again to get past the point where the game screwed me.

It has been awhile since I have played this game, but I have to say that for a flash title this game is excellent both in its concept and execution. It feels like the kind of game that you would put into your Nintendo with Gyossait's retro style graphics and controls. Story-wise, Gyossait doesn't re-event the wheel but it tells an interesting and thought provoking story for a simple flash title. The atmosphere in Gyossait is perfect, I felt legitimately creeped out by the perfectly twisted music, sound , graphics and dialogue. Gyossait should be seen as an example to the rest of the community of the level of quality that can achieved in flash gaming.

First game I have ever played that has actually been worth playing. Thank you for created this short, yet incredible journey. I loved every minute of it.