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Reviews for "Gyossait"


I love the art style of this game, its a nifty platformer and definitely brings something to the table that hasn't been done before. Its downright creepy and I definitely love it. Awesome job.


Awesome creepy feel to it, and the thing that got me was at the start where you fall down that gap and suddenly something screames out at you, that literally scared the beJEEZUS outta me. (Plus, it was pitch black other than the light of my screen, and it was like 2am, no other sounds). Very nice. 10/10 5/5.

i like the style

problem is there is another game just like it only better and that's all our friends are dead which is a faster paced game with harder to kill enemies (which there are a lot more of) and great artwork Gyossait has a great abandoned dark feel to it and it keeps you interested and i think the game was executed well and the simplicity of it works but down to the writing on the wall, the background, friendly characters, and even the lava it's just to much like all our friends are dead.

Sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Extremely average platformer as far as gameplay is concerned. Get key, hit switch, move left.

Sadly this is also the reason the tone and tension of the game also fail. In a game where you can see everything beyond you, and where enemies kill themselves there is no reason to be afraid. There was no reason as a player to be careful or cautious as I felt as empowered a character as Mario.

As for the "artistic" validity of this game, let me honest with you. It was as beautiful a game as your graphics would let you be. The "deity" you descend from at the beginning and the face that looks over you when you first descend looked great. Music did a good job trying really hard to get the mood right, and worked more often then it didn't.

That being said, for all the words that were splattered on the screen, the game said nothing to me. The images and words felt like the tired checkboxes of goth art one by one. Black and red colour palette: check. Gnarled trees: check. Grave like imagery and eyes in places where eyes shouldn't be: check.

Even at the end I got no reason why I was there or why I did what I did. What was the thing that tried to see beyond my mask? Why was I wearing a mask? Why were some people attacking me while others didn't? Why is the final creature a naked woman with a laser cannon on her arm in a dark fantasy setting?

If this did have a message, all I got was, "Love is dark and painful and hurts you and losing your love makes you dark and twisted and speak in empty half sentences that say nothing but sound meaningful because they hint at really broad concepts like loss and hate".

People shouldn't hate so much on art games

I found this game to be a well spent hour or so of my time. The atmosphere and tension builds extremely well. The writing that is intermittent throughout the game is actually well done: i believe it very well aids to the experience without shattering any fourth walls. All in all, job well done. Controls could be better, and some areas are unnecessarily punishing to the player, but I think that this can be overlooked. Sound design is fantastic. Its very fitting for the visuals...minimalist but effective. The game doesn't slap you in the face with atmosphere, it invites you into it. I was particularly taken aback during the portion about 3/4 of the way through in which the player is launched into the sky and the large triangle amidst a red background becomes visible as the character emerges from the darkness. Well done, and quite an epic set piece. Clearly, other reviewers haven't learned from games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Penumbra. This is certainly the most absorbed I've gotten in any 8-bit side scroller.