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Reviews for "Gyossait"


This was pretty darn interesting. A little creepy, but I liked it.

midly disturbing,but...

this game needs an auto save abillity,beacuse im not going to watch the whole disturbing story while pressing the right key all over again
but overall its a nice game,altough as i said 2 times,the story is midly disturbing

A good game with an interesting story.

However, it needs a lot of the work. The jumping is very strange. The most common cause of death for the character was because he either jumped too high, or too low. The controls felt like he was sliding everywhere as he moved, which made doing tight jumps difficult. While the presentation and graphics of the game are great, I can't help but feel this was a rushed product.

Either way, for a first flash, this is great. I love strange, psychological things like this.

Jumping mechanics

Fix em.

Kikoshou reviewed almost everything about this.

But for me music was badly cut. It took away a lot from the atmosphere, hearing exactly where it loops. Sound was ok, what I'd expect. It's sad because in this type of game sound is really important and it could excel and add to the mood. To be honest the game needs a lot of polish. It feels like playing inside a goth kid's mind which was recently defiled by a rejected love.
"Sandwich astronaut", now that's a deep concept!
Gameplay was ok, feels right but sometimes it's not. The description of this game was more interesting than the overall experience.