Reviews for "Gyossait"

Very effed up atmoshere!

Good game is good and thank god you didn't rely on "Boo!" scares, very weird atmosphere. Good spriting too.


I could definitely see the fear factor in it, and there were a few moments that I actually felt it, but to be honest I felt the narrative and the fear factor were lost in the platforming. Every time the mood got great It was interrupted by me being killed by some random enemy or spike, and really takes away from the fear and suspense.

of the atmospheric level as the X days a Y series

I apologize for the proceeding wall of text, but I felt I simply had to comment and review this work of art, as well as simply speak my mind, and I applaud any that at least attempt to read this. Very rarely do i see such an amazingly nonsensical story such as this, nor such a deliciously terrifying atmosphere. The sounds, the sights, the random and primal feel to it, the text flipping between dull and static grey to sharp and sudden red and pink, all come together as an amazing and horrible game, a terrible and great story, and a disgusting and beautiful experience the likes of which i desperately dread and wish were more prolific and prominent in storytelling, regardless of media. Such a thing as this is awe-inspiring because of its awful nature. This is by no means a pleasant creature, but that simply makes it all the more euphoric for those interested in such qualities or genres. I will admit I am obviously biased towards the darker and more erratic aspects of reality, as well as their portrayal, and I will proudly say that amongst my favourites are "Silent Hill", "Trilby's Notes", and "Metal Gear Solid", but that is the very reason I am waxing on like this. I love the supernatural, the magical, and the mental and the various aspects of these categories, and wish I could spread their glorious and sinister nature to as many as would accept and embrace them instead of abhor them or proclaim them evil or demonic abominations . But I digress, as I have been ranting as I tend to do about something that I very well may be alone in, and have taken up too much time and space as it is for whomever has taken up the apparently daunting and thankless task of actually reading reviews, so I will return to the review as proper. As one can see, this game is not perfect in gameplay, but with such an insane and brilliant sequence, can we expect such? The whole emotion I received from this was one of melancholic regret and haunting despair, and one can hardly expect such depression and anguish to be tied up in a neat little bow as it were. Besides, we are but man, and let come what will of this fact. Once again I apologize for this small essay, and farewell.

That face

Nuff said


This game, I feel, is wonderfully made. Like mentioned before, the controls are sloppy, but you should (if you're a real gamer, that is ;] ) get used to it pretty quickly. I think it adds to it that the controls are not super easy, so that way you have a more challenging time trying to control this character that you really have no clue what he is.
The atmosphere of it is amazing, and really draws you in, to complete the story, but another thing someone has already mentioned, is the permanent saves. Unfortunately flash crashed on me after I had gotten to a level where there are 4 guns to the left and more arm claw things. It was extremely upsetting that I lost all that progress that I had made and that now to complete the game I have to go through it again.
I hope you make more stuff, because I think your work is amazing and goes together very smoothly and nicely. It's a masterpiece and going into my favourites.