Reviews for "Gyossait"

As the joker said "i don't know if this is art but i like it"

The level design is great, the concept is beautiful as is spooky, the excellent time of the sound FX makes you jump out of the chair, the story, all is a master piece.

The only flaw (if not is designed this way) is that the controls are a little slippery.

Keep up the excellent work, and thank you for let us play your amazing games.

Did I just play Zalgo text : the game ?

Just kidding, this is pretty damn good. I definitely love the art but above all the sfx and the music. I'm not going to ask about the meaning of the story. I guess we are free to draw or own conclusions.

A very good game, Hats off sir.

Holy shit this is spooky

this a prequel to perdition?

Pretty good game. The controls are slippery and there isn't that much to kill you (until later in the game)
But I LOVE the art style