Reviews for "Gyossait"

The art style mixed with the music was really fitting. I enjoyed this game. It had a neat little story that was different and the difficulty level was mild to average. Very nice job and a very nice game indeed! However, the jumpscares didn't get me and were a little cliche and very ineffective. In fact, you might've not of needed them at all, it still would've been a great game without them. Despite that fact Great game indeed!

I liked the game's graphics and the story was weird and interesting. Controls a little weird, but you get used to them. Great for a dark night.

I'm not a fan. I just kept thinking "this game is just a bad Perdition" the whole time. The controls aren't great, the character is slow while the jump is uncontrollable and super floaty. Multiple times I tried to maneuver with my jump and died because it's so hard to use. The story is basically impossible to follow without a cheat sheet: clearly something dark and edgy is going on but I don't know what. Overall, if you want to play a good, fun, dark, story-driven platformer; play Perdition.

so I ran into a bug that made the game crash. not sure how far I was, but I got the shooter mode and went to shoot one of the wind plants and it froze out as it was trying to blow wind and I was shooting it right next to it, possibly making it change directions.

great game though,now I gotta play through again :/

awesome, atmospheric, that alliteration was great.