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Reviews for "Gyossait"

this is weird....I LOVE IT!

A game so special and close to my heart... I have played this so much... especially when I was first starting out in game design... This game has always been a major inspiration for me :3

Great game, I remember being enchanted by it YEARS ago, even before perdition. It is now on my favorites list. I'm not sure you even check this anymore, seems like it's been YEARS since you last logged in, but even still, don't give in to other people calling this game a knock or shabbier version of perdition. This is it's own unique story, with it's own unique choices to make. Given it is rather dark, it has a nice overall flow to it, and the controls are fine, given the environment and obstacles we come across. Maybe someday we'll see a part2, or remake with updated graphics, and more story paths.

I feel bad that Oyeatia had to whack his own son though, poor Uzaza was just trying to take care of the world he was created into, in his own way, misguided as he is, a father's job is to teach his children, not kill them (even if Uzaza was utilizing eugenics, everyone's experiments have to start somewhere). Uzaza seems to have inherited some short shortsightedness from Gyossait, who didn't give humans a chance to grow/evolve either, but it seems she learned her lesson at some point. Obviously she still harbors feelings for Oyeatia, if she is creating trees of life for him to reconstitute through, some sort of spiritual factor involved there, so she still must possess some measure of divinity.

Maybe that's what part 2 can be about, Gyossait searching for the remains of Oyeatia's beheaded deity body (where his godhood is stored), for either benevolent and motherly reason for Oyeatia's return to deitification, or the people and the earth, though perhaps for some selfish agenda that creates a return to darkness! Also, the one eyed dog.. Deity of the sun? Dog's don't just "appear" and speak man-tongue. I suspect it is an avatar of the sun deity, who is Oyeatia's own father. Said deity may be "trying" to guide his son, and teach him not to be such a judgmental person in the future: now that he is learning from his past errors, and trying to mend his ways by (saving/removing) Gyossait from her prison.

Whatever, 3 and a half stars, always room for improvement. Keep it tight.

too slow

Great game but is there any saving feature?