Reviews for "Gyossait"

Decent, Wish I knew more.

Call me generous, but I think the idea is spot-on. A nice horror-themed, sprite-based game with a well-made plotline... Yet, I never was quite sure of the entire purpose (AKA What to do) or how to do it. (Controls) All in All, the artwork was surprisingly well-done, and the plot was entertaining for as far as I could get into it - yet, I wish I were able to get farther.

Nice Style but controls are very unresponsive

I really like this pixel - horror - style and the audios are pretty decent,
but the controls are killing the whole thing.
The midair controls and the throttling on landing feel very unintuitive.

holy crap

i just thought it was wierd there was no story i think exept in the description(although i only play like 10 minutes of the game) but for me it wasnt scary how i assume it was intended to be the only scary part was the scream at parts and when you died and that was just a screamer. i give 3 for good graphic design. doesnt have to be extremly detailed to be good.just next time maybe less screaming


This is an interesting story, however I didn't get to far. I'm not sure if there are any other controls other than the arrow keys for movement. I found a few places to be quite impossible to pass just by jumping over to avoid enemies. That said, the overall theme of the game is very eerie and surreal. I definitely felt a foreboding sense of hopelessness, even though I only got past a a few (6-8) screens.

Great job and I'm sorry I couldn't play this thoroughly.

(maybe you could shed some light on the controls.)

Creepy and awesome

The variation of volume and the screaming, plus the graphics make the game very creepy and cool. I liked till now.