Reviews for "Gyossait"

It's intersting...

But the presentation is overdone and the premise is barely exposed.

The 16-bit artwork is definitely good and could be better if we got a better view of what we were looking at. The menu and instructions are entirely non-existent so we don't know how to attack or do anything else but just move iwth the arrow keys. The jumping control is smooth but we hang up in the air way too high for far too long and that becomes troublesome right on the second screen.

But it did have a feeling of despair the whole time. Which for me was about 3 screens.

Unpleasant Experience

Did a good job creating specific ambiance. But far outweighed by basic problems regarding control and information dissemination.

Has a lot of potential, but instantly frustrating and confusing. Spent forever trying to talk to the first figure. No information is given regarding the controls or objectives. Makes a very poor first impression and encourages the user to just move on.


I actually laughed a little when i heard the screamer,I guess I really am brave aren't I?


Pixel art was nice. Music was...I guess there. Not very scary, the jump scares were there but nothing that really stuck out. Deaths would take you way to far back and with such a fragile char/plenty of unknown traps that gets annoying quick. Not worth the top spot of the front page. Front page? Maybe but not the top spot. Probably would have been better if death just pushed you back a bit.

Decent, Wish I knew more.

Call me generous, but I think the idea is spot-on. A nice horror-themed, sprite-based game with a well-made plotline... Yet, I never was quite sure of the entire purpose (AKA What to do) or how to do it. (Controls) All in All, the artwork was surprisingly well-done, and the plot was entertaining for as far as I could get into it - yet, I wish I were able to get farther.