Reviews for "Gyossait"

Truly breathtaking.

The most original game I think I've ever seen on this site. I never knew a platformer could scare the shit out of me as well as keep me so engrossed. Not only was this a great Halloween game, it's amazing as a stand-alone horror game. You sir outdid yourself, hope you get much praise for this! <3

Very interesting.

My only complaint is that the jumping felt a bit floaty and the claw platform thing you have to land on is very slippery causing me to fall in the water and die.

But other than that the game is fine. I'm a big fan of the creepiness and the atmosphere you created. It brought back memories of Castlevania.

what i think.

i think everybody is an uptight dick. they keep saying "oh the controls, the controls!" but fuck i think the hang time is fine, the movement is fine, and it says how to do everything, as if it wasnt obvious enough. im not a serious fan of horror- games, but i thought this one was interesting. my favorite part was the art. i love pixelated shit. my problem is how do people see this as confusing? anyway, i know people are going to disagree with me, but hell i dont care. press unhelpful all you want, but you arent accomplishing anything.

Interesting game!

A bit of clarity of controls would have been nice.

For those who don't know, if they press down on the arrows, it'll create a shield which you can redirect shots to people who try to shoot you.

A solid and very interesting game.

The controls are very responsive (once we tried a bit).
The player CAN kill some of the enemies.
The sounds and general environment of the game are unsetling and alien: wich is a good thing for this kind of games.
The story is unfold slowly, instead of being presented to the player in a plate.
The dificulty level is pretty reasonable, far from impossible, far from mind-numbing easy...
I, simply, liked the game.
To the author i can only say: keep the good work!