Reviews for "Gyossait"

Nicely done

The dark inception of the game and plot are fantastic. Sounds are great, and the soundtrack is perfect. I hope to see more games of this caliber coming from you. And with this twisted dark theme.


this is a very great game if you dont like this game you are crazy thank you though for this game though it is great

wow very intresting

this really cool but sorta ..... hmmm what to say ( apocalypse or apocalypto plane changing world ) i love it and liked the retro look very much .


i have never played a game like this it left me comeing back for more


This game was so... different. And it was so strange. I just KNEW what to do while playing it; where to turn first, what to pick up, etc. I loved this game, and the music was really well made. The art was beautiful and attractive in a very dark way, while at the same time being a bit frightening. The gameplay was amazing. I really enjoyed this. Thank you, for the experience.