Reviews for "Gyossait"


I thought it was fun but i kept getting stuck and it made me jump lol (:
Good Game.

it was a little scary...

but realy awsome! realy amazing game!


Definitely one of the best "art" games I've played on Newgrounds.

Its hard to rate this game on a traditional scale, but here we go

Graphics were stunning!
Fox pixel art, you sure did go above and beyond... my compliments to the artist.

Music and SFX really set the mood!

The gameplay was a tad bit clunky, but that really isn't a big deal...
There are other games on Newgrounds like "Why This" and "Loneliness" which are art "games" .... and their gameplay element is completely not there....
it is good to see someone out there knows what they are doing!

Anyway... overall 9/10
beautiful animation/art, music, and symbolism.
Thank you for sharing!

Crummy controls, little drive.

I admire you for making a game that seems to fit some sort of vision- there's red creepy text abound that I'm sure is full of symbolic messages.

However, the game itself is a depressing platformer with awful controls (that aren't even explained), such to the point that it took me over half an hour to figure out that you could reflect shots with the down arrow, and the awkward jumping and constant enemies and rooms that were just ANNOYING, not fun in any way, left me wishing the game was over when I had beaten the first boss. Alas, there was still more to come it appears, but you're not going to get me to go through a hellish, unfun game to see more symbolism and mildly disturbing imagery that I can't understand.

Horror Masterpiece

Amon26 keeps on rising the stairs to the throne of "Horror Masters of Video Games". All that makes him a master creating interactive horror experiences is here, but improved, so, to me, is his best work to date. In a world where horror has become SO mainstream, repetitive and empty, Amon is a light of hope.