Reviews for "Gyossait"

Meh. Very meh.

Good job in making the instructions accessible by using the techniques the instructions describes.

Aesthetically beautiful

I'm afraid I wasn't able to completely finish the game since I have a really terrible computer and the lag was driving me crazy, but I got far enough to know what I wanted to say about this game.
The art is fantastic and I think the story behind it is interesting. I know everyone is commenting on the controls but they really weren't /that/ bad. The jumping was a little strange but it worked. The only thing that seemed odd was when you had the gun, it didn't seem to shoot every time you pressed down but that might've been my computer again. It did seem like almost every cut scene I said to myself, "Oh, this is the end," but the game went on and the story made you want to continue playing.
One day I hope to play this on a faster computer and complete it because it really does seem like an interesting game to play all the way through.

Artistic, but that's about it

Let's see. Uninteresting storyline, it doesn't make you care even remotely. Incredibly boring game play, I found myself thinking "when will it END!" after about 6th screen. No real puzzles, but a lot of walking back and forth, collecting stuff. Failed to capture a scary atmosphere. Not a lot of action for an action tagged game.
On the pro side, it was kind of... different I guess. Not in a very good way, but different none the less.
4/10 and 2/5

Bleh. Lots of issues

It wasn't until I had beaten the game and started playing through again that I saw the instructions for controls. They blend into the background. The story made no sense to me: it was vague and, well, senseless. There were two bosses, but I have no clue who they were. And storywise, getting a machine gun halfway through the game seemed out of place.

The controls need quite a bit of work. Sometimes it was difficult just to jump onto a ledge because pushing toward the ledge makes your jump shorter. There is also no way to jump and shield/shoot. And whenever you land, there's a hesitation before you start running again, which is irritating and makes the camera jumping.

Finally, the way scenes are spliced together are confusing. On the first playthrough, where the cutscene occurs while you're falling, I thought that I wound up in a new place and didn't realize that I was in the place before the cutscene occured. Please try to time your cutscenes in places where the player isn't moving.

With all that said, the level design was fun, so I'll give it a few stars for that. Good luck on your next project.


I liked it, even-though i'm not into creepy games, I just can't help it but let my curiosity get the best of me. The mood was pretty unsettling and creepy, it kinda made me wary of every step I would make.
It gave me some Yume Nikki vibes . . . perhaps you know this game?
Cause I recall one of the songs also to be one i heard in Yume Nikki.

Real great job on this game, it had me on the edge of my seat sir!