Reviews for "Gyossait"

so creepy... and its ok. becides it maybe giving me nightmares, its a pretty cool game. I played like 20 minutes and got 4 of the awards so I think ive played it enough.

I can't give this enough stars. I can't.

Admittedly, the gameplay itself is fairly simplistic and jump scares are a big turnoff. However the tight controls, dark ambient music, and most importantly of all EXCELLENT ART STYLE completely make up for it. I've refreshed the page at least 5 times just to watch the intro again. The logo is even excellent! I won't lie to you, I'm gushing serious fanboy shit about the art style. I'll even play through the jump scares just to see more of the art.

It would have been nice if the npc text wouldn't be part of the background, but instead popped-out when you got near the speaking character, as it left me confused the first time trying to discern whether it was the person, oyeatia, or gyossait speaking, or it was just part of the ambiance of the level.

Anyways, I know this is internet old, so I hope you're still making games, and I hope to see something of yours in steam greenlight or on one of the console shops soon. Basically I just want more of this style. Dark, spiky, semi-organic to organic. Cliche and done a bunch, I know, since I'm thinking of that one level from Turrican 2. But I want more of your take on it.


What The Fuck?!

So normally I don't even like art games, but this was simply amazing. I lost sleep finishing this game the second time, and I regret nothing.