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Reviews for "Gyossait"

Wow... how could I've been hanging around here for so long without noticing this wonder?

Amazing environments, really deep sh... business going on here. The music is astonishing fitting for every single scene. The boss battles are, in my appreciaciation, so painfully slow that they're just perfect. The expectancy kills your nerves much before the enduring enemy attacks kill your character.

The bittersweet, sour and saucy atmosphere... the ultra-violent, outrageous outcome of this failed romance... everything was state-of-the art and delightfully measured-up with a perfect balance of key ingredients, otherwise mutually exclusive: stress and pleasure. The game generates one with the aid of the other. Whatever can create this feeling on an observer (player), is for me to be taken as a MASTERPIECE.

Thank you for creating it and having the soul to share it here, for free. Please, very please, DO make more stuff like this.

work of art

Done, but the first time i played it, there was no way because the door was fallen and locked in front of me. Bug?!

The game is simple, but deep.

ps.: I do all things and medals pop-up in my game, but not in my profile.

Thanks and great game.

A incredible game with a incredible story