Reviews for "SWEET GRIM"


Nice short! There's Dexter's soundtrack in here :D woot!


Damn it finish the story with the two little kids do they fall in love grow up to be successful and you cut the fight scene in half on me I demand a sequel.......seeing how this might just be ignored I will say good job and congrats YAY :3


i like the amount of time this took, being a little longer than most flash animations,

and the part where the fat-bastard saw who it was he was realy fighting and was all like "oh shit!!!" .

lolz, dexter let himself go...

i would have thought dexter and death would be very close friends... you loose a star for killing dexter!

good spirit

For a death guy it was soooo cool especially how he fell for the girl then messed up touching her. p.s. nice skull