Reviews for "SWEET GRIM"

Nice Animations !

9 / 10
5 / 5

Nice animations! I really fell for the Grim, with his big, red and innocent eyes!! And the 'bad guy' really looked like a jerk off to me, I could really see he was the bad guy, so good job on the drawing & animations!

I also enjoyed the music! Even though the music wasn't made by you still, respect for those who made it.

I liked the story, not too complicated but just plain simple. I didn't think anything in the story was unnecessary or irritating. I was even hoping for the 'bad guy' to die at the end! Well... I do not know for sure but at least I hope he's dead.

Very nice job!

Very nice

A simple story, Grim wants candy, mean fat guy tries to take it. Cute little love story with the girl and her lollipop. Overall very well done. Not OMG amazing, but very well done. It could have been better, but I can't put my finger on what it is lacking. So a 9.

Very GOOD!!!

It was a good movie especially at the end with the fat guy.

Make a series... PLOX?

Dat Dexter intro in there