Reviews for "SWEET GRIM"


This seems to be the highest rated Halloween flash I've seen this year! I think this will probably win any award you ask for. As for there was no dialogue, you told the story by having all that fantastic music being played. I was kind of expecting more of a climax, but it's definitley worth checking out. The best thing is probably how awesome the animation is. It's also great to see the kids dressed up as stuff popular on this website.

I just celebrated Halloween and I don't think I saw any costumes like that. Of course, I didn't give most of the candy out. I also like how you show the magician Madness flash in the credits. There just seems to be a lot of flashy stuff going on in this. It's cool that you made it like the Grim Reaper (or whoever it was) sympathetic.

Have to give it to you.

Pretty fucking awesome. Loved the incredible artwork at the beginning. The art at the middle and end was okay. But speaking of the end, I loved the final battle. And it was pretty long too (That's a good thing). Yet voice would help, a BIT more comedy would be perfect, oh and the reaper dude lacking arms in some scenes, I know that's normal, but it doesn't look good. But good job! Very....

Very good!

Did I hear the Dexter theme?! lol

Make a series... PLOX?

Funny. I must admit I forgot to buy sweets for the trick or treaters this year but only one anyway.