Reviews for "SWEET GRIM"

loved it, great animation.

the plot and storyboard was awesome, and it wasn't one of those 5 second animations either.


I love the end fight, especially the part where the fat guy pulls out silverware as wolverine claws ( i thought he was supposed to be a bumblebee up to that point). Anyways, really well done, funny flash.

Good Sir

If only I had my voice acting equipment, I'd have that fat guy voice :(
Such an easy 4.4+ submission, damn, those seem to escape me :(
Oh well.
The flash is fairly well done and is super smooth, though the backgrounds are a bit weird, like a very varying attention to them ie some of them are super detialed and the rest is kind of sketchy.
The characters on the other hand are cute and hilarious. I think I'd scare everyone with a Naruto suit.
The ending is very abrubt but the post-ending is very cute so it compensates ^_^
The plot overall could be polished, as it's overall a bit random.
But NG loves random and it's halloween, so funk that.
Cheers and good luck on your next animations,
hope to get a role on some other flash of yours :P,
Kpheeyat ;)

Very well done

It was very well done. But the ending felt rushed.


great vid, enjoyed watching it. oh grim... what will you do now?