Reviews for "SWEET GRIM"


This submission was seriously Halloween to the core :]
I loved the story, characters, and smooth animation; I really think this might be one of the best Halloween2011 submissions this year... This will be super tough to top :]

Amazing work guys this is a true masterpiece!

-Review Request Club-

Great Halloween short

Just a point of interest, shouldn't the fat guy have died when he touched grim? Hope to see more flashes with him!

best halloween submition ever

Great job first prize for sure!


And epicly awesome. I loved the animation style. and the grim reaper was a really likeable character. Very well designed etc.

I especially laughed at the kid that was dressed as naruto, because that's what I dressed as for halloween. :P

Well thats fucking halloween but that was great ho that the grimreaper was in it was made just how I liked it. :D