Reviews for "SWEET GRIM"

yay a Awesome<!

that was obviously the best halloween cartoon i saw this year :D
gotta love it! nice work guys ^^

I agree :D

Guy is selfish -loses life
Kid shares - Gets Girlfriend
Grimm gets rid of jerk and shares ladies candy - Servant for life (Good looking bye graphics standard to boot) and a pair of new pets.
Quite funny and nice animation.

Good Stuff

Simply one of the best pieces of animation have seen in a long time!

heh.... nice.

"mah candeh, BIOTCH!!!"

I didn't get that he was supposed to be wolverine until the last second. I could make a really nerdy Wolverine V Grim reaper joke but it's been done on newgrounds already. and YAY the nicely drawn nice lady became a nicely drawn nice zombie lady.