Reviews for "SWEET GRIM"


grim seemed a little cute

No way...That was epic.

I would never expected Death to go trick-or-treating. This is one of those more finer things you would see on Newgrounds, it is really good. ^^

I especially like the opening, it is hilarious...

Omg that was very cool...

Music themes were awsome. Dat thing remembered me a Terry Pratchett (just hope I spelling that right) book of some DEATH in Discworld ;) Pretty close to that.

Well dunno what to say now cuz i'm a pretty drunk now lol. Keep your flashes coming. Cya.

sweet lol

you should make more you all did a great job : P

Awesome Halloween Animation

I love this animation, your hard work definetely shows. The music was great and the story was clever and sweet.