Reviews for "SWEET GRIM"

stuiped fat guy you shoud have run when he survied that 100 ft fall and when he want wereing his masks you could see his eye were glowing i would a be running by then

I didn't get that he was supposed to be wolverine until the last second. I could make a really nerdy Wolverine V Grim reaper joke but it's been done on newgrounds already. and YAY the nicely drawn nice lady became a nicely drawn nice zombie lady.

POW! you are dead not big suprise.

Well this was awesome and I love theuse of the music, comedy and action. Plus the grim reaper was used as the awesome main character so this deserves a five and five stars.

That was coolest of the coolest.........
Animation was awesome with the
great combination of music...........
And one question?
Did this animation won the prize?