Reviews for "Melee Man"

A Delightfully well-made game.

Fun platforming gameplay with cheery, gorgeous visuals that hearken back to the Game Boy Advance era. But I have a question: If his name is "Melee Man", why does he have a gun?

TheVillageBlacksmith responds:

Believe you me. He'd much rather just stomp enemy forehead, but as you can see, some enemies incorporated dreaded spikes into their defense mechanisms. A melee man gotta do what a melee man gotta do. :)


Not bad, I love retro games, but there are some problems. In one of the last levels (sorry but I don't remember wich one), I got blocked: I am in front of the door, but there's no key, probably because I didn't kill every enemy. But I can't die, because you can walk on the pit that is at the bottom of the level, and there is no enemy to kill me! Strange part, because I found a sign with nothing written on it in the lower left corner of the stage. Is there a suicide button or something like that?

TheVillageBlacksmith responds:

Thanks! I didn't notice the "point of no return" that had ended up in there (probably because as a developer I knew I had to grab the key first). I ended up moving the key to a more obvious location. I also added a list of controls to the game description - the button you were looking for was 'R'. Thanks for playing! :D

Actually casual fun

I had FUN playing this. It's difficult, but not rage-inducingly so (there's challenge levels for that kind of thing). The art style was pleasant, the music was non-annoying, and I had a few nostalgia moments even. Most of all, it WASN'T some bleak monochrome gore fest or angsty, thought provoking "art game" with minimal interactivity. Tried to get all the gems, but maybe I'll do that another time.

Thanks for fixing the boss. It still likes to teleport way higher than I can jump, though. I tried bouncing off its projectiles, but it teleports away before I can hit it.


so what does stage 7 teach us?... a pair of balls heading your way can neber be a good sign...

It looks similar to minecraft

It's pretty good, but damn i cannot give you less then 10 coz it was alot of work for you 'I liked it' ;)