Reviews for "Melee Man"

Dang That Boss IS HARD!!!

My tactic for the boss was this get to the middle, flip back and shoot(he always goes to the same place first) Don't LEAVE MIDDLE unless you need life, just shoot and dodge till the third wave of spikes(6 hits) on that go to one of the far platforms and dodge by good timed jumps, when that's done hope you get lucky and can kill him quickly. All in all good game, but as said your tutorials were a tad unnecessary, the boss music is interesting because as it progresses it builds up quite well. (though a tad to slow for an easy win) AWESOME FACE YOU ARE EVIL!!!

Pixelated awsomeness

This game has everything i want in a game Pixels and Melee.

10/10 Like skyrim without guns.

i like it

awsome graphics but the game concept is a bit boring in my opinion but good job

absolultely charming

great game man keep it up!