Reviews for "Melee Man"

I love this

I think the previous level 15 boss would be beatable but falling through the little spaces after hitting him 9 times is so discouraging. that and you have to make sure that there are hearts on the side that you could jump to get, I think the current boss is nice. and the final boss is awesome, I wonder it was like before the update. really, I have nothing bad to say about this game.

Love the Music!

Nostalgiafy my mind!

This game was a beautiful mix

The platforming of "Mario" with a dash of "Megaman" shooting glued together with the orchestra of "BomberMan" music. Bravo, and kewdos

great game :)

you put alot of work into it and the people have spoken it's a hit xD

really tough game at the end only complaint is i didnt realize dying made you lose points so one level i pressed r a bunch of times and lost almost all my points without realizing it, still got them back on the super mega ultra hard levels though so 5 stars for difficulty