Reviews for "Melee Man"

I love this

I think the previous level 15 boss would be beatable but falling through the little spaces after hitting him 9 times is so discouraging. that and you have to make sure that there are hearts on the side that you could jump to get, I think the current boss is nice. and the final boss is awesome, I wonder it was like before the update. really, I have nothing bad to say about this game.

you sir are awesome

this is one of the funnest games iv'e ever played on newgrunds next to alien homind very well done sir!! I Fuckin hate that smiley face, hes a fighter that one!!

This game was a beautiful mix

The platforming of "Mario" with a dash of "Megaman" shooting glued together with the orchestra of "BomberMan" music. Bravo, and kewdos

great game :)

you put alot of work into it and the people have spoken it's a hit xD

Man this is great. It's got old school platforming Run'n Gun all-around action gameplay with nice chip music to go with it.