Reviews for "Melee Man"

More irritateing does not equal more fun.

it was an interesting game, short no room for upgrading. first boss was irritating. it would appear right on top of you if you weren't moving. and healing in the fight was a bit rough if you weren't used to bouncing off of cannon balls -__- other wise it was ok i managed to beat the boss on my third try but that's just because Im good at retro bounce off the head of the bad guys kinda games.

Works fine for me

The game works fine on my computer, it just needs to be a bit more fun(maybe adding some tougher enemies).

Bad, even by "retro" standards.

Didn't really appeal to me. The graphics were ugly, the music was too basic and grating and the controls were pretty sticky. I understand that recreating an old Gameboy Colour was the idea and you certainly accomplished that.

But the Gameboy Colour sucked. It sucked hard. It was an awful console. Perfectly serviceable in its day, but did not age well. No way in Hell.

Combine that with the pretty soulless character, setting and gameplay and you get...a generic Gameboy era platformer built in under a week with no real features to help it stand out from the crowd of other retro pixel games. This wouldn't even have flown in 1998, on the Gameboy Colour, because there were better games even then. Lord knows there are better games now.

TheVillageBlacksmith responds:

I'm sorry you feel that way. I do remember reading reports of children being brutally assaulted by Gameboy Colors right around the time they were most popular. I can only assume that this happened to you and I feel that you are very strong, brave and tolerant to be able to try out a game honoring them. I admire your courage.

Was good until...

Your game was good... until level 13.
Your level 14 should replace level 13 because he is WAY easier to pass that level 13...
Your level 13 is just about getting the rythm and is way too hard, I could easily see it being the boss level...
Your level 15... let me guess, you didn't try it?(ps: the goal is to stay in the middle when the boss does his ultimate(between each phase))
I was able to manage 4 phase before diing, the first phase is quite easy, the second is easy after 1-2 try. ( just move in the middle from right to left side)
The third one is easy when you understand how its work, maybe after 5-6 tries...(you move right to left side like before but you do a little jump before goind right again, then you restart the processus).
If the level was finish after level 3 it should be okay but cmon, the phase 4 is just ridiculously hard... You need pure luck to make it throught.
Well, even if you LUCKILY manage the 4th phase, the 5 is impossible, the ultimate between 4 and 5 can easily kill you himself, why do you make the boss ATTACKING when the ultimate is not even done...
Man, tes your thing before giving and if you did, I don't know how you manage to do the level 15 but you need to understand that NOT EVERYONE is "as talented" as you, you please low the level of difficulty.
For level 1 to 12 I would have give you 9/10 4/5 but just for the 13 and 15 I will give you 4/10 and 2/5...
Ps oghard: R to restart, you need to go in the other way before going at the door esle you can't escape and you need to do R to RESTART.

TheVillageBlacksmith responds:

I moved level 13 into the challenge levels and replaced it with an easier one. I assure you that all of the levels are possible though, I've played and finished each one many times. Thanks for playing! :)

Could be better.

Too much decoration on some levels. Sometimes It's difficult to tell the diference between background and game.

You can get stuck in level 13 if you shot the worms instead of jumping them (I had to refresh browser).

I stopped playing at second boss, level 15: if touched you're most likely to die, and I don't really want to jump on bullets to get that hearts on top.