Reviews for "Melee Man"

Needs some work...

The lack of differentiation between fore- and background was terrible. More often than not it was a matter of guess work, causing me to redo levels multiple times for no real reason, because you have to try out every element and see if you can jump through/on it.

Other than that, the game gets ridiculously hard at the later levels. Even the first boss was ridiculously difficult, and I couldn't manage to pass lvl 13.

I have nothing against difficult games, but games that are full with ridiculously difficult randomness tend to be more frustrating than challenging...

Fun little game

I can only follow up dedepas ( kudos for you beating level 13 o.O and until level 15 O.O )

Not bad

Too easy . It should be more challenging, it would be more fun , if you would need to climb up. And the shooting animation was boring and crappy. I finished 5 levels, and i don`t want to finish the game. Too too boring.I should give you 5 , but i love pixels , so i give you 6. Maby better luck next time and keep working with pixels!


I did a full and throughout playthrough of the whole thing, and the experience wasn't as satisfying as I had hoped for. What I found great about the game was it's retro-style graphically and gameplay-wise.
The issue I have here is with the layout of certain levels. It seems to me that you depict a good challenge as something that you will have to overcome even if it's not apparent that a certain obstacle will be in the way or not. There were countless of times, when I get leaded by some gems into a bottomless pit, or some spikes, and not being able to see that coming is rather disappointing, since you're basically being baited into the whole thing. There were a lot of moments that required ONE certain strategy in order for you to succeed, and that strategy would usually require you to be on this one position and then head off in a certain pattern. Here, I'm talking about the level with the canonballs that you have to climb upwards in order to get a key. I wouldn't mind it as much, if you didn't also include spike balls, which really didn't make it a tougher challenge for me, as every single canonball could damage me anyway. It only forced me to wait until the right moment, and that was kind of tedious.
The other issue I have is the boss. He is humorous and funny, but the problem with him is that when you fight him in his later stages, it can become frustrating to dodge him, as his teleportation is random and isn't dependent on anything but the screen's position. This is a huge problem, because he can always teleport right in front of you when you're jumping to another platform, and you will then plummet down into a bottomless pit, and you will have to start over again. Don't even get me started on the final challenge boss. It wasn't exactly a good idea to put two of him into the same room, especially as you had a good chance of falling into a pit if you got hit by even one of them. There are challenges which are fun, difficult, and reliable, but you programmed these to be random, sometimes unavoidable, and seriously way too unreliable. I spent around an hour to get past them, and I only managed to beat them both and survive at the same time by luck, even though I managed to beat both serveral times, just to get hit by one of their canonball-barrages and then fall into a pit.

I think it's good you made it challenging, but it's honestly not good if the player is required to do an excessive amount of retries just to get past something that could well be lot's of fun to pass. It can be fixed by either fixing the terrain (not that you should do it with this game, just for future reference) and giving the player a chance of not constantly falling into holes. Or you could make the boss' teleportation pattern more predictable, something like not letting it overlap certain objects or items (and especially not the player!).

Starts off Fun - Gets tiring Fast

Let's start with the positives and work our way down. The artwork on your character and the enemies are cute and fun, they each have fluent movement. The sound effects were good, but it would have been nice to hear a sound for when the enemies died upon shooting at them. The music was awesome for the first level and for the next levels after it, I liked this we go through this world, we meet a hilarious Newgrounds related boss and now we go somewhere new with new music? Well I was wrong on both accounts. There was no other music besides that first song and although a damn good one to hear this one song for the majority of the game just makes it drag on and on and on. Also as far as level design goes it's fun and interesting for the most part, treasure hunter in some forest areas with temples cool, but when that's all you got then it just gets boring, not to mention some levels just start with a blind jump in which I died twice for this. The controls are nice, but the character is a bit slippery at times, but not much. The gameplay also gets boring over time, for a game called Melee Man I was kind of expected a bit more, not watered down Mega Man. All in all I'm not really knocking this game, it is fun, but I think it needs a little bit more pizzazz. If you two intend on a sequel then you could add some power-ups, like a double jump, and more fun locations to go to like perhaps caves, lakes, an ice level, shoot how about climbing up a volcano.

|| Good Points ||
*Superb Artwork
*Superb Animation
*Great Music
*Great Sound
*Superb Controls
*Good Gameplay

|| Bad Points ||
*Music - Needs More Variety
*Gameplay - Level Design Needs More Variety