Reviews for "Melee Man"

Good but insanely hard

Its a good game but the last boss on c-5 will have you pulling your hair out. I dont know how someone is supposed to beat all 20 levels in succession without dying and I dont want to be the one to put myself through such stress.

I did notice that some of the secret medals did not unlock for me but I wont say which ones as to not give it away but maybe you should include an option to resend although the game itself is saying I never earned them either which is ridiculous as I have over 100k points thanks to the very last screen. I didnt take off points for the medals not working however.

If this were really a gameboy color game...

...then I would have shattered the poor thing by now having played most of the challenge levels.


I <3 this game. Please make more, etc. etc.

Very good

If your point was to make uses feel like playing a retro game, you did it man! Keep doing this kind of work!

absolultely charming

great game man keep it up!

good game:]

fuck yeah!