Reviews for "Melee Man"

this really brings back memories. good show mate!

its honestly true ins ome cases that now considered ' OLD SCHOOL' games are better than some games out today. and it's funny when i see kids look at games we grown up with and yell out " new school beats old school!' and so.. the moral of the story is you gotta bitchslap those kids n put em in their place.. great game mate!

So.. Many.. Damn.. Coconuts..

I've never hated awesome face or coconuts so much in my life. I'm not rating it lower than a 10 cause i mad, cause the music and gameplay is pretty legit.


This is my 1st time on newgrunds in 9 months. great game dude!!!

Good game

good job on game however you may want to dum down the randomness on the last boss even megaman had set patterns that weren't as annoying as getting raped due to the boss never coming down. other then that nice work =)

Great Games Gold Cool XD!!!!