Reviews for "Melee Man"

I got pwned.

After getting pwned 50 times in a row with epic randomness on level 13, I can say I had no much fun.
P.S. Lol at guys who complited 4 levels, wrote a review and gave 10/10.


love it


I really liked the audio and thought it fit well.

I tend to like modern pixel designs in games because of their visual crispness and feel in gameplay, but in this game I felt somewhat boxed in while playing. That is to say that it felt like I were viewing the flash in a zoomed in state.

One last thing that I felt could be improved is your use of the foreground / background layers. There were times when I couldn't tell what was in each layer (which affected gameplay) because there were high-contrast elements in the background and low-contrast in the foreground.

The familiar platform design of the game was complemented by its smoothness and responsiveness.

best platform game ever

this is a well developed and thought out platform game...
levels are simple but still really challenging...
cant wait to pass judge ment and medals.
keep up the good work...

A Delightfully well-made game.

Fun platforming gameplay with cheery, gorgeous visuals that hearken back to the Game Boy Advance era. But I have a question: If his name is "Melee Man", why does he have a gun?

TheVillageBlacksmith responds:

Believe you me. He'd much rather just stomp enemy forehead, but as you can see, some enemies incorporated dreaded spikes into their defense mechanisms. A melee man gotta do what a melee man gotta do. :)