Reviews for "Melee Man"

Needs some work

Not bad, I love retro games, but there are some problems. In one of the last levels (sorry but I don't remember wich one), I got blocked: I am in front of the door, but there's no key, probably because I didn't kill every enemy. But I can't die, because you can walk on the pit that is at the bottom of the level, and there is no enemy to kill me! Strange part, because I found a sign with nothing written on it in the lower left corner of the stage. Is there a suicide button or something like that?

Needs some work...

The lack of differentiation between fore- and background was terrible. More often than not it was a matter of guess work, causing me to redo levels multiple times for no real reason, because you have to try out every element and see if you can jump through/on it.

Other than that, the game gets ridiculously hard at the later levels. Even the first boss was ridiculously difficult, and I couldn't manage to pass lvl 13.

I have nothing against difficult games, but games that are full with ridiculously difficult randomness tend to be more frustrating than challenging...

Bad, even by "retro" standards.

Didn't really appeal to me. The graphics were ugly, the music was too basic and grating and the controls were pretty sticky. I understand that recreating an old Gameboy Colour was the idea and you certainly accomplished that.

But the Gameboy Colour sucked. It sucked hard. It was an awful console. Perfectly serviceable in its day, but did not age well. No way in Hell.

Combine that with the pretty soulless character, setting and gameplay and you get...a generic Gameboy era platformer built in under a week with no real features to help it stand out from the crowd of other retro pixel games. This wouldn't even have flown in 1998, on the Gameboy Colour, because there were better games even then. Lord knows there are better games now.

TheVillageBlacksmith responds:

I'm sorry you feel that way. I do remember reading reports of children being brutally assaulted by Gameboy Colors right around the time they were most popular. I can only assume that this happened to you and I feel that you are very strong, brave and tolerant to be able to try out a game honoring them. I admire your courage.

A cool little game

Pretty fun, though some of the platforms are kinda hard to discern from the background, leading to death falls. One question, if he's Melee Man, why is his primary weapon a gun?


It was funny til level 15, cause it's TOO HARD, when the boss started to shoot all those undodgeable things i was like "are you kidding me?"

TheVillageBlacksmith responds:

There's an even harder boss later. D: