Reviews for "Melee Man"

Its fun and challenging

Good responsive arrow key controls for a Mario meets Mega Man styled retro game. The game speed reminds me of playing Nibbles (an old QBasic game) and may be too fast for some. The theme reminds me of Duck Tales on NES. It's a fun game and could be even better with more polish.

TheVillageBlacksmith responds:

Thanks for the feedback - I'm glad you liked it!

melee man my ass

he's got a gun

The perfect background music for this game

I know that this game is hard, but isn't this the funny part of the game, also "I can't beat AirMan" totally fits in this game.

More irritateing does not equal more fun.

it was an interesting game, short no room for upgrading. first boss was irritating. it would appear right on top of you if you weren't moving. and healing in the fight was a bit rough if you weren't used to bouncing off of cannon balls -__- other wise it was ok i managed to beat the boss on my third try but that's just because Im good at retro bounce off the head of the bad guys kinda games.


Not bad, I love retro games, but there are some problems. In one of the last levels (sorry but I don't remember wich one), I got blocked: I am in front of the door, but there's no key, probably because I didn't kill every enemy. But I can't die, because you can walk on the pit that is at the bottom of the level, and there is no enemy to kill me! Strange part, because I found a sign with nothing written on it in the lower left corner of the stage. Is there a suicide button or something like that?

TheVillageBlacksmith responds:

Thanks! I didn't notice the "point of no return" that had ended up in there (probably because as a developer I knew I had to grab the key first). I ended up moving the key to a more obvious location. I also added a list of controls to the game description - the button you were looking for was 'R'. Thanks for playing! :D