Reviews for "Melee Man"

Actually casual fun

I had FUN playing this. It's difficult, but not rage-inducingly so (there's challenge levels for that kind of thing). The art style was pleasant, the music was non-annoying, and I had a few nostalgia moments even. Most of all, it WASN'T some bleak monochrome gore fest or angsty, thought provoking "art game" with minimal interactivity. Tried to get all the gems, but maybe I'll do that another time.

Thanks for fixing the boss. It still likes to teleport way higher than I can jump, though. I tried bouncing off its projectiles, but it teleports away before I can hit it.

Decent game!

Thus game was spectacular,form art work to programming but, the Levels were too easy.The bossfight was akward, there was no health to know when the boss died also you have a 60% change of the boss teleporting right next to you sometimes.
There was no story concept and the instruction notes blocked my way soo.... i sugguest you key the instuctions.The bosses really like moving to spots you cant hit them thats also a bad stuff...
5 final items.
1.Add a Story concept.
2.Change of songs -.-
3.Difficulty Changes.
4.record a video.
FINALLY 5.make the character talk a little , what is he ? not social?
thx for ur time to read dis ;3

Decent Platformer, but bossfights sucked.

Platforming concepts weren't anything new, but had a funner than usual retro feel. The normal levels were a breeze across the board, and then level 15 struck. I've sat down for an hour and a half attempting to beat it, no success. My main complaints with the fight are collective, but the elements are:
-Boss has 10 hits, whereas you have 3 (kind of a constant)
-Half of the hearts for recovery were placed in suicidal retrieval locations.
-Boss REALLY liked camping in unreachable locations for 50%+ of the fight.
-Boss would often teleport into me and then shoot me within a half second succession, effectively slaughtering me in an undodgable manner.
-Fell through the floor 2 times, INCREDIBLY rare relative to the number of attempts, and the first wasn't so bad, I was f*cked anyways, but the 2nd time was when I had him on the ropes.
-Third and especially fourth (only reached it once) spike barrages were damn near impossible.
-Shortly after hiding in corners from spike barrages, boss would often teleport RIGHT above me and point blank me, almost always before the spikes were even gone, effectively leaving me insta-raped into a pit
-The pits in general; these aren't a problem on their own, but with the insanity of everything else put together, this made the goal assured to be impossible.

Like I said, decent platformer, but f*cking brain exploding-ly frustrating boss fight(s). I'm not in the habit of Rage Reviewing, so I'll throw the bossfights out of my scoring and leave an overall 8/10, 4/5.


TheVillageBlacksmith responds:

Oh wow. Thanks for the in-depth report. Him having 10 health is actually a bug. He's supposed to have 8. I apologize for completely overlooking that and I'll get it fixed up right away.

nice game

here is one thing that you need to add : 1 more heart , cos every time i reach phase 5on boss on lvl 15 i remain with 1 hp

P.S 1-3 are easy 4 is normal 5 is hard , and is not impossible , if i can reach phase 5 without dieing , then someone might do even better


Well, I can't even begin the lvl1. I click on it and nothing ever happens.