Reviews for "Melee Man"

Has retro charm, but also some problems.

Melee Man (who, as many people pointed out, paradoxically uses a gun) is a fun and challenging retro game that takes heavy inspiration from Megaman. There's something inherently enjoyable about shooting little pixel enemies and getting a key to get past a level without the artsy graphics or complex story. It's simple, safe, and nothing anybody hasn't seen before. Pretty basic, and it works very solidly without many glitches.

My one major gripe is the boss fights.

Oh man, the boss fights.

There's only one boss, and he's a combination of a meme and a Newgrounds icon. You fight him something like three times (I only got to Level 15 thus far), and his attacks never change. He throws cannonballs at you, and when you deal enough damage, he gets angry and throws a whole lot more cannonballs at you. It's not even a good boss to begin with - I expected it to be a joke boss, but got a sinking feeling when the bastard showed himself again - and making us fight it more than once is cruel. Plus, the later installments can get frustratingly difficult, with the player being surrounded by bottomless pits and the boss having a nasty habit of teleporting right above your head.

For the most part, Melee Man is solid. It doesn't try to be original, and it does what it's meant to do - provide us with good ol' retro Megaman shoot-and-run fun - admirably. If you decide to create a sequel, however, work on those boss fights.


I loved the music, graphics, platforming, level design and sir you get 8 stars and its a good game for point farming


Well, the graphics and music are nice. The music is catchy and the graphics are old school and cute. The controls are also pretty tight.
The very first level where the key was hiding was too annoying for me to enjoy the game any longer. You can go through the level, then realize you missed an enemy, kill that enemy, go through the level again looking for the key. Sorry, but it's a very cheap way to increase the game-time.
You have a lot of good things in here. It's too generic though, and it's too repetitive.
With some new ideas and features this would be a really nice game. The quality was good after all. So keep it up!


its a kinda fun game but whats with 'malee' man? he can use guns!!!


overall its a cute game but the button on the level menu cant be clicked sometimes!