Reviews for "Villainy - The Tape"


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DonkeysBazooka responds:


Short,sweet hilarity

Concept: tribute to Halloween.

Art: Drawing is well done human characters look realistic. Colors are pretty basic overall aside from the use of shading and tints..

Animation: Since this was quick project and can't match up to other authors works like Villany Ep-1. But it's still better than majority of comedy/parodies out there. Full body movement is always great to see iin flashes.

Humor: Nailed it, from offering kids cigarettes to making a fool out of horror gimmicks. It was especially funny when the mood was killed. (I even noticed the little knockoff Indiana Jones poster Illinois Adams, the hell?lol.)

Overall: Although late to the party that was the best (jocular) middle finger to Halloween I've ever seen. although I'm 2 days too late. This flash would've been the best way to end Halloween for people who stayed at home.


So much for those old pranks

That was great. It was creepy and then funny, and I laughed so hard at "I've also got it on Laserdisc"


OMG i can t stop laughing this is the best LOL

i liked it

good animation funny concept great job!