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Reviews for "Jack's Halloween Treats"


way to go jess. the entire story is very original. well except the three teens. im used to 3 teens goin to the crazy house but other than that good job

Very Good Animation and Story, Dialogue Needs Work

I enjoyed the story, and the animation was excellently done. But, it just stopped short of being a ten on account of the dialogue.

The voice acting was so-so, although if you can't find good voice actors there's obviously not much you can do about. If any of the voice actors are reading, tone down the whiny-ness a bit. I get they're not supposed to be likable characters, but all the deliveries were pretty one dimensional; it's much better if you can convey a bigger range of emotions.

As for the written dialogue itself. It just sounded awkward. A lot of it drove home points multiple times. The girls a bit of brat and a nag, the boy is selfish and mean, and the fat kid is rude and self-centered; I get it, and I don't need to be reminded multiple times.

Also, the conversations were a little shallow, and almost sounded like a Saturday morning cartoon.

That's really the only criticism I have. The atmosphere, sound, and pacing were all perfect in my opinion, and overall an excellent job.

very good animation

anyone else getting the pedophile vibe from the pumpkin man. just saying, it sweet has a new story and showed that it can bite you in the ass to pick on little kids.

Majin Buu

*clap, clap, clap...*
this is awesome, really awesome!
the animation is soo good and smooth, like an anime show =]
best of "halloween 2011" animations!

and of course, why dont you go to scary house, meet a creepy glowing pumpkin and come in..
make sense.

That was Twilight Zone weird!

Well done!