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Reviews for "MLP: Pinkie's Cupcakes"

a nice adaptation to the Cupcakes story and among the better animations I've seen.
The part with the axe (hatchet?) was a nice touch and the intro was nicely done as well as the part with Dash after Pinkie cut her wing off and when she was tied to the machine.

Pinkie at the end just seemed a bit odd as she was smiling, I assume, as did she after she cut off Dash's CM and was twirling it around other then that it was decent =)

as a sadistic and critical young human i say "very good animation but you may have skimped a bit on the blood and gore"
oh and by the way i would have replaced rainbow dash with rarity(i hate her character)

Not too bad. Got much more graphic than most video adaptations, but the ripping apart may have been a little over zealous. Really well animated, except for maybe the cutting into the skin etc., but that still looks a lot better than I could probably manage to do. Nice job.

Is It Wrong if I Completely And Utterly Enjoyed This?