Reviews for "MLP: Pinkie's Cupcakes"

if you want to know why pinkie pie killed rainbow dash go see cupcakes is real cupcakes is real is only on youtube

i hate pinkie pie because she kill rainbow dash i hope you guys make a video about pinkie pie die plz make you plz i wont to see pinkie pie die >:D

wow i hate pinkie pie and the video how the hell kill her best friand do you know

I'm scared

a nice adaptation to the Cupcakes story and among the better animations I've seen.
The part with the axe (hatchet?) was a nice touch and the intro was nicely done as well as the part with Dash after Pinkie cut her wing off and when she was tied to the machine.

Pinkie at the end just seemed a bit odd as she was smiling, I assume, as did she after she cut off Dash's CM and was twirling it around other then that it was decent =)