Reviews for "XenoSquad"


Wonderful work! I'm impressed. The graphics and classic UFO/XCOM/INCUBATION style gameplay.. very nice combination. I really like what you've done with the oldskul style 3d polygon graphics with a rich lvl of detail and simple to understand yet sophisticated to mater gameplay. Great work ryzed.


This is good clone of Bluebyte Incubation from 1997

graphics is 10

because it's 3D and looks good
bgm is 7, not bad but ok
gameplay is 6 ,not challenging at all
ending is 0/10, that is? i was like WTF am i trolled?

Easy ten

I'm a big incubation fan - and this was great. With a story, more variety in features/enemies/equipment/levels, even a level builder or a sandbox type app with full control over basic stats for shareable modding would make this perfect.

Some parts were a bit frustrating, and a greater focus on strategy would be good, the level design wasn't awesome, the last few missions were tediously easy with a top level squad. The last level was really dull and slow in particular.

Other than that; wow, more please!

:'( their is only one bad thing, it ended...

Words just can't describe how totally fantastic this game is.
From leveling up, weapon distribution & the tactics you choose yourself.
This certainly surpasses "flash game" I loved it that much.