Reviews for "XenoSquad"


Got me hooked quickly. want to keep playing and that's a winner to me. Got some trial and error going on and that keeps trying new things. love it

Some thought for the future.

I like the style and gameplay. I did get surprised at times of obsticle rules, but I do have to agree it was a bit easy. Just setting everyone to defense with assault rifles and then sitting within baton range of the minion spawner you can effectivly disable the spawner until your heavy marine can shut it down. This also puts a downside for leveling factor as you can essentially farm levels without worrying about anything as the baton does enough damage to kill stuff in one hit. I did not use the sniper at all, which was unfortunate that I did not really need to see gameplay mechanics of another weapon as the predecessor does the job with clean efficency.

great game

not too easy but not impossible. this is one of the best turn based squad games i have ever played, ten stars.

i love it

awsome game only downfall it left me wanting more. the last level isnt that bad bud it does need to be harder for a "survival" play.

Great game

I loved this game. It's one of those when you start playing but cannot stop. It was not hard at all, but it was a ton of fun. Graphics were decent, but not out of this world and the sound was as well.

I think the only downfall was the replay factor. While I really loved playing it and couldn't stop, I'm searching for another game now.