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Reviews for "Zombie Swarm- Survive"

Awesome game, like old school shoot and dodge games we used to play

Great game 4.5/5!

It's pretty good, a standard little zombie survival game. I personally see the zombies going a bit too fast, but oh well. (Also, you should try a project zomboid take, I think you might enjoy setting up a real survival game :D)


Sumo148 responds:

Well what was stupid about it? I'd like to get constructive criticism back so I can make my games better, not just be berated by people. And please, next time if you're going to insult a game use proper grammar so you don't look "Stupit". Thanks.

Flawless Victory

Attractive intro, smooth gameplay, and sounds and music are perfect. The only flaw is a handful of glitches. Multiple Guns, equipment, and music is what made this game.

Sumo148 responds:

Thanks for the review. Yeah there were a few glitches that I tried to sort out, but I wanted to post the game up before the weekend so that I could generate some views before the competition actually ended. Once its over I'll go back and sort out all the bugs while updating the game with all the comments and criticism I've received. Thank you for your support!