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Reviews for "Draka"


i actually liked this game but had a rage quit because its too hard

A charming little puzzle.

Very difficult at times, which I particularly enjoy. It's cartoony, but not incredibly so, and it makes for a good mix of dark and cute. The web limit is annoying, but it certainly makes sense.

And Draka? I'm sure that wasn't your intention, but he's quite an adorable little fellow! For a creature of darkness, of course.

ok i liked it. it challenged me and i was not bored. very well done.


Has a nice storyline and puzzle. Spider could be more detailed

nabossa responds:


A lot of fun!

I think Draka seems more like a vampiric spider than anything else. It's still a fairly original creation and I had a lot of fun with it. The coolest part is how well the artwork flows when you create the webs. That is also the most fun part, particularly with how Draka just plops around everywhere. When he turns people into monsters like him, it actually is pretty scary. Of course, it keeps its goofy cartoonish appearance.

I'm so glad to see so many good stuff here around Halloween. The sounds are great too with how Draka cackles all the time. There's just a great sense of fun in this. It's great that he has a fairly wide space for him to move around so it's really a game you can experiment with. This didn't strike me much as a puzzle game, but I guess it doesn't fit anywhere else.

nabossa responds:

Such a great review! Thank you!