Reviews for "Wet Dreams [Demo] Doggy"

This is a perfect demo

I really like how you can change this girl so many options! she almosts looks like my Saints Row 3 character!
anyways i can't with for the demo this is gonna rock!

I loved it!

The girl is beautiful, sexy, and looks intelligent and strong at the same time. Some people say this is just fap material, it can be, but its also hentai, and far better than some of the stuff out there. I can't wait untill I can see the full version! Keep up the amazing work!

Looks good so far

I like where your going with this. The girl looks good and the sounds even though they are temporary are well placed and actually add to the game, unlike most games that as long sound clips that don't fit which takes away from the animation itself. The animation is very good. I like that you don't have to spend 5 minutes looking at the same animation before the next can be unlocked.

The only problems I saw were that the girl's yellow skin is too bright maybe? Not sure how to describe it but her skin seems too vibrant and just doesn't look right to me, but hey I could just be crazy. I also think you should add more options for the cum shot like; cum inside pussy/ass or cum on face. I think that will make the game more appealing to your target audience.

BloomingZest responds:

The few options you're talking about are in progress and will be available in the full version.
I don't like the pale skin too. that's why i choosed to put the dark skin by default.
(Sorry for my pooor english skills) -__-"

decent animation, but irresponsible

The pullout method of contraception isn't effective even when it's used correctly. This isn't very original, and is just fap material for people. With your skills, you could actually make something better than fap material.

BloomingZest responds:

This inspires me a question:
For what purpose are hentai games?

rubbish ad, mate

everytime the ad is over or is skipped, I could not play the game because it leads me to a doubleclick or some shit, and I have to click back and go through the same old crap again. What's the most important aspect of a game? being able to freaking play it.

BloomingZest responds:

Sorry for this issue -__-"
Don't know what it's coming from. I'll check!